Why Do Environmental Scientists Use Mathematical Models?

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When we look back at the major breakthroughs in the Earth’s geological and environmental fields, many of them came about because of the application of advanced mathematical models. In fact, the study of how to reconstruct the climate and the Earth’s other processes, like the orbit of the planets, was started on a mathematics platform. The study of space weather and space debris was likewise touched upon by using mathematical equations. How can all of these be possible? It really comes down to using the mathematical principles of the world and the Earth itself. It also involves a great deal of testing and experimentation.

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As a student of the Earth’s Geology, I have a very interesting answer to the question, “Why do scientists use mathematical models in their studies?” The Earth is a system of interacting continental tectonic plates. These are the reason that weather forms and extreme weather events occur. There are certain mathematical algorithms that allow these interacting plates to calculate the potential energy that is released from volcanic eruptions, which in turn, determine how much pressure is released from underwater volcanoes.

In looking at the climate change simulations running on computerized equipment at the US National Weather Service, it became obvious to me that there are some relationships between climate and patterns in the Earth’s environment. If there are such relationships, the results of the model run would indeed help us determine the changes we are going to have in the climate. We can even go a step further and run similar modeling exercises with the help of the Chinese. This is why do scientists use such methods.

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Another example is in trying to prevent the spread of disease. The simulation of the microbial population in large animal zoos was helping to predict plague in the future. Once the simulation went through, it was obvious that the distribution of pathogenic bacteria and other pathogens should not be random. Rather they should follow a pattern, like a snowplow.

Why do models help us make better decisions? The answer is in the mathematical models. Some of them can predict things we can never actually make happen. They are able to make us aware of what we can do to prevent certain things. These same mathematical models will be able to tell us if we are already doing something wrong or if we can adjust and do things to get the results we want.

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Why do scientists make use of such models? To solve problems. To generate new or improved solutions. To test hypotheses. It’s almost impossible to explain how complex processes inside of the earth work in a way that we can understand all at once, so models are used as a shortcut.

Why do environmentalists make use of such models? Because they are able to predict the Earth’s climate and how it’s going to change in the future. They are able to study what kind of changes we can expect to see over the next 100 years, and thus plan accordingly. Without the use of models to make such predictions, they might be stuck in the same place their whole lives.

Why do models actually use real world data, instead of just using theorems? Models are made from real world data. Data can be from temperature readings, for example. Or from ice cores, which contain a record of temperatures and ice thickness in the past.

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How do scientists test their predictions? They run them through a machine that can simulate the Earth’s climate. If the simulation produces the right results, then scientists know for certain if their calculations were correct. If they weren’t, then they have to go back and do the calculations again. If they get it wrong, they have to test again. This is why scientists make use of mathematical models.

Why do environmental groups make use of these models? Because these models are able to predict the Earth’s climate in the long term. As we all know, climate change is considered to be one of the most important issues of our time, and modeling the Earth’s climate can help us deal with it. Another reason why these models are used is because they can be used to reconstruct the Earth’s history. These models were also used to study the properties of black holes.

Why do scientists want to use these models? It is a known fact that these models are very accurate. Therefore, they should be used because using these models will help us predict the Earth’s future climate, thus making it easier to deal with the issues that we have to face in the near future.